Interview with Timothy Reynolds

"WELS Creative" Timothy Reynolds does a wonderful interview with Chris. (The Springs Lutheran Church, Sparks, Nevada)

Warm and Dry

Hello from warm and dry Arizona! I have been parked at Holy Cross Lutheran in Tucson for the last 6 weeks, and I am grateful to these nice folks for their hospitality. I also really appreciate the opportunity to continue…

Christmas Newsletter

Houston, we have a problem! Actually not really - this is a great place to get through December if you are a wandering piano player for Jesus.

Here in Texas I am playing Sundays only for worship and sometimes a…


This small viewer of one of my live-streamed concerts was inspired to get out his guitar.  I guess that's a positive to the pandemic. You can bring your guitar to church- and play along!

Precious thank-yous!

Doesn't really get more precious than this!  Thank-yous from kids at the Mount Olive Overland Park school.


New keyboard and more

Hello from Mt Olive, Overland Park, Kansas!  I've been allowed to keep singing in our churches in spite of Covid-19, social distancing, and reduced attendance!  I just sang this morning for the elementary school here. (They are the Cougars.  Boy…

COVID concerts!

It can be done!  Still singing for Jesus.


Surfacing from lock-down

Wow, is it great to be singing for actual people in the pews again in our churches!  I've been playing for empty seats and a video camera for what seems like forever, as I was blessed to be able to…

I'm rolling now

I am the new owner of a three-wheeled contraption called a recumbent trike. It is an “off-road” model with bigger wheels, wider tires and extra low gears for climbing.  I have been mildly depressed as a result of three months…

Dealing with the Coronavirus

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I'm writing from my bus which is parked at an RV park in Alabama for the next 5 nights.  I had a wonderful 3 months in Florida in December, January and February singing for our WELS…

Winter in the Tropics

Wow, am I enjoying my two and a half months in Florida!  It has been unseasonably warm this winter.  I'm wearing shorts and sandals almost every day!  My pleasure is only increased by listening to weather reports from my friends…