Greetings from Las Vegas!

Greetings from the 6th floor of a hotel in Las Vegas where it's 75 and sunny! The palm trees look happy in the foreground. I actually lead worship with my song service titled "How Can Creation Be True?" (no sermon) at Green Valley Lutheran here for the first time ever. Pastor Pieper said it was OK and I'd be fine, even though I was filled with fear and trembling. It went well and no souls were lost. I'm sure enjoying my trip to California and other southern locations. I'll be playing for Ash Wednesday at Cross of Christ in Kingman, Arizona tonight. This is Pastor Paul Mueller's new church, and he's a friend from a few years back when I played at Livermore, California. I'm enjoying trying to tell His Story to my brothers and sisters on this trip. I miss my little family in Alabama and my wife says she misses me, so that's good. They had some snow a couple of nights ago there. God bless you all!