Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks be to God for his peace and grace to us in Jesus. This is the perfect medicine for all the hurts of humanity. My daughter and husband and my 2 small grandsons are journeying from Durham, NC to be with us in Huntsville, Alabama for the holiday and we are excited! And then I leave Friday morning for Wisconsin for 18 concerts and worship services at 11 churches in 18 days. I am so blessed to be allowed to do what is my greatest desire: to sing my little songs for my brothers and sisters in Christ! I often say that living in the south has ruined me - a Montana boy who is now nervous about cold weather and snow! I won't let that stop me, but I'm bringing an arsenal of warm clothing and will allow extra time for winter driving. I've got snow boots that are good for 20 below, big mittens and various versions of long underwear. May your time with your family and your church be especially blessed and joyous!