Mountain Country

Hello, from the very green Seattle area! It's kind of a cool rain forest over here, very green and lots of everything growing everywhere.
I played for worship and for the school at Christ the King in Bremerton, which is a ferry ride from Seattle. While I was there I stayed with Montana friends Beth and Mike Correll, at the "bunkhouse" overlooking the bay, an amazing view!
Now I'm staying with my son Chad, his wife Cady, and my almost-4-year-old grandson, Vancouver. I'm playing at local churches at night and playing with my grandson during the day. A happy existence. On Wednesday, October 28th, I'll start back towards Alabama, playing in churches in Ellensburg, Spokane, Billings, Rapid City, Kearney and Cape Girardeau along the way until I get home on November 6th.