Safely home

Safely back home in Huntsville with my wife and home church after a lovely trip to Michigan in September and October. Highlights include bumping my total of churches played to 773, as I sang at The Corner Church in Wayland, Salem in Owosso, St Peter in Dorr, Grace in Flint, St Stephen in Adrian, Ascension in Macombe, and St Jacob in Grass Lake.
It was wonderful to meet new friends in Christ and reconnect with folks I've known for quite a while including my wonderful songwriting partner Jayne Nitz, good buddy and great WELS singer Steve Bautista and his family, and Pastor and Mrs Gieschen of St James in Portage.
That gentleman was responsible for putting together "The Lutheran Music Festival" at the Chenery Auditorium in Kalamazoo Saturday evening November 14th. Wow, what an experience! I was the opening act, then Steve and daughter Marissa Bautista sang, then the MLS choir and finally Pastor Schiebe of Wayland played the grand piano accompanying a hymn sing for the crowd. Steve and I both had fancy dressing rooms with our names on them (see "Photos" page!). Got a little taste of the "big time" and had much fun meeting members of the choir and hanging with Steve and his family (they call me "Uncle Chris.") I enjoyed the experience greatly and it made me appreciate the fact that singing in churches as I do is much simpler and rewarding. If God puts me in concert halls instead someday, so be it, but I'm glad life is less complex with so much wonderful interaction with Christian brothers and sisters at this time in my life. Thanks to all my Michigan friends for a happy time singing about Jesus and what he's done for us!