Florida notes

Greetings from the road! I know my freezing friends in the Midwest don't want to hear about this, but I've just spent 6 weeks in cargo shorts and sandals hanging out in our churches in Florida. I got to play in a couple of Lutheran schools in Seminole and Crown of Life in Fort Myers. It's always a treat to sing to the little lambs and I never fail to be amazed at the work of our wonderful called workers - the caring, hardworking teachers that serve them. I parked the bus on the property of Redeemer at Merritt Island for almost 3 weeks while I commuted to nearby churches. What a treat to spend quality time with my friend Pastor David Rosenbaum who got me involved in things like Tied Together, a program to help young men in high school learn how to tie a tie, shake hands and talk to a potential boss. He also had me sing at a couple of assisted living centers where he teaches and preaches. We watched the Superbowl together and had many laughs. Another high point was when I got to present a benefit concert for Amazing Grace in Panama City and sing for a large group of individuals and Builders For Christ restoring the church so badly damaged by hurricane Michael. It was just great to reconnect with my friends in 24 Florida churches!