Sheet Music

The following songs (scroll down) are available for purchase in sheet music form.  Piano, vocals, and guitar chords are all included except where noted.  If you just need lyrics, click here.

All Feed Your Faith sheet music is free since the CD's 10th anniversary in 2018.  Just click on the title below to download.

Email Jayne Nitz below with any other titles you'd like.  Jayne writes sheet music by request, so if you don't see what you're looking for, please ask!


Sheet music for a group
$5 for permission to make as many copies as you need

Sheet music for one
$2.50 for one copy

All Feed Your Faith music
Free!  Download by clicking the title below.

One Cross, Three Nails

Just a Nobody (Vocals and guitar chords only) 
Forgive Me

On the Road for Jesus
(combines Let Christ Be Known and Jesus Is the Man!)

Free At Last
Good Morning, Father
What Were You Thinking?
Beautiful Lies (Vocals and guitar chords only) 
Beautiful Lies (piano solo) 
Carry the Cross 
Worth Dying For 
Wait (Vocals and guitar chords only)

Hymns for Him

Be Still My Soul

Feed Your Faith