Goodbye to Michigan, hello to Florida

Michigan welcomed me (minus most of their usual snow) in November and December. I visited churches as far south as Detroit and St. Joe, and as far north as remote Beaverton. As an Alabama native, I decided it was too cold to stay in my RV for this trip so enjoyed staying at the homes of many wonderful church member friends including Zion Lutheran’s Pastor Slaughter at his parsonage in Monroe, which he calls "The Slaughterhouse!" My portfolio increased to a total of 782 different churches when I sang at our churches in Maineville Ohio, Saline Michigan and Good Shepherd in Benton Harbor. Also, did you know there’s such a thing as the "Great Golden Moose" Michigan hood ornament? (See my "Photos" page for proof.) I'm so grateful to God for allowing me to continue to sing for our churches in the beautiful US of A. Heading to Florida in January!