I'm rolling now

I am the new owner of a three-wheeled contraption called a recumbent trike. It is an “off-road” model with bigger wheels, wider tires and extra low gears for climbing.  I have been mildly depressed as a result of three months of too much isolation and decided to find a happy place on Michigan‘s bike trails. In the last three weeks I have ridden anywhere from 22 to 45 miles per day, and not only is my depression gone, but I am developing a nice tan on my legs!

Here are maps of the bike rides I took today in the Bay City area.  (The skinny black line is the trail, and the red arrows are me.) The trail on the left (paved, about 28 miles) I did in about three hours. The trail on the right (dirt, about 5 miles) took an hour to do.